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Sydney in Los Angeles - Summer 2017:
"I'm extremely critical of new products, even though i know all the machines and products from HTE are outstanding. I initially delayed trying SOQI CircuGo, and then the day arrived to give it a try.

I am so impressed! I'm taking a bottle every other day and i FEEL so good - i've also lost weight and i'm sleeping thru the night. If i'm dragging and lacking energy, CircuGo immediately picks me up mentally and physically. I initially feel tingling in my arms and hands right after i drink the bottle, which is actually only a few sips - this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the little bottles she finds that say "Drink Me".

Occasionally in the summer (but especially in the winter with cold airflow), i wake up with horribly sore shoulders and a knotted, painful neck which often develops into a day long headache. The pain is miserable. NO MORE! I simple drink this little bottle and the magic happens within minutes, lots of tingling in my neck and then pain gone. The relief for me is priceless. I think i'm addicted because i don't think i can live without this unique and special potion."

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