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STC Crystal Water Fact Sheet

Why 'Replicated Human Cell Water' Changes
The Face of Medicine & Skin Care

FACT: No prescription medicine; no 'off the shelf' product; no nutritional supplement; no currently available frequency emitting device; no magnetic devices and no dietary protocol has ever been proven to rejuvenate deteriorating DNA in our cells-the major cause of weakened Immune Systems and aging.

FACT: The DNA in every human cell is in a water environment. Cell water has a composition of H3O.OH. Refurbishing cell water from 'outside' the cell wall can be accomplished by drinking water with the same composition as cell water-H3O.OH.

FACT: Some years ago, Dr. Kye Ho Lee, a Korean researcher, formulated a type of crystal that, when added to drinking water, mimics the composition of cell water. That product, along with other products employing this same technology, is now available in the United States. Despite being available here for only a few months, the unsolicited testimonies of amazing health benefits are overwhelming. Most all of these testimonials come from previously skeptical users.

FACT: In addition to the early results achieved by simply drinking the H3O.OH/Replicated Human Cell Water, testimonies concerning the therapeutic benefits of the skin care products are impressing even those selling competitive products. Simply speaking, the technology behind the skin care products (the same as the water crystals) is unequaled by the Avon's and Revlon's of the world.

FACT: These 'new technology' products are only available through the network marketing company STC LEADERS, INC.. Nearly all of STC's initial distributors were at least partially skeptical at first. The technology seemed too incredible to be true, but the H3O.OH water is manifesting the most dramatic physical evidence.

FACT: Within a few weeks of drinking the water, I heard many users report benefits:
Diabetics had significant drops in blood sugar levels; symptoms of asthma and sinus problems decreased; bursitis and arthritis pain lessened; digestion and bowel problems alleviated; relief from dry eyes; inflamed gums greatly improved; allergy sufferers noted considerable relief from symptoms; overweight people reported weight loss; skin rashes healed quickly; underweight users have gained weight through better assimilation; lung disease users spitting up phlegm, resulting in easier breathing; reduced menstrual cramps; sick pets recovering quickly; increased growth in plants and vegetables…. I also heard of hair color changing back to its original color, age spots beginning to disappear and hair beginning to grow back in bald spots.

FACT: In 1994, Dr. Lee established THE LIFE SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTER in Seoul, Korea. Since 1994, the products utilizing the technology developed by Dr. Lee, have been manufactured and marketed by STC BioTech-now a three billion dollar company-and now available in the United States.

FACT: As with all nutritional supplements, no health claims can be stated. However, I can state in my many years as a therapist and researcher (and as many know, a born skeptic of medical claims) I have never seen products that can heal so quickly.

CAUTION: The increased detoxing activity resulting from the drinking of H3O.OH water may prove a strain on unhealthy kidneys. This water is not recommended for anyone with a kidney problem.

SUMMARY: The STC crystals and the other products of STC BioTech are not just another new product line that will disappear within months of their appearance. These products are the culmination of a new technology itself. The H3O.OH water encourages nutritional assimilation and elimination of toxins as no other product can. No other product line has this therapeutic capability. It is my belief that Replicated Human Cell Water is the only technology that can influence DNA rejuvenation.

In Korea and Japan, an incredible 95% of new customers re-order STC products. Unlike most other MLM's/Network Marketing Companies, it is not necessary for STC reps/distributors to reorder every month in order to receive commissions from down-line sales. That shows how confident the company is about their products.

LABELS on Products were created to bring them from Korea through customs and for FDA approval.

All chemicals such as sodium laurel sulfate in some of the skin care products are neutralized by the energy water.

The energy crystals are sodium chloride and nothing else but the properties are very different from Nacl (salt). Even if you are on a salt free diet or have high blood pressure this product is totally safe. In several testimonies confirm that it has helped high blood pressure conditions.

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