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STC Crystal Water
and the Cellular Environment

Water occupies the most parts in the cellular environment of the most biological systems including the human body and is essential in maintaining bodily function of human beings. Cells are considered as the functional unit of biological systems, hence the importance of the cell environment, and that of water such as intra-cellular water, inter-cellular water, and extra-cellular water, canít be emphasized enough.

Water molecules are highly mobile, forming hydrogen bonds with neighboring water molecules, in turn, assembling water clusters of a tolerant spatial repositioning.

With the special processes in which water comes into contact with small amounts of minerals and undergoes the influence of electromagnetic field of a low energy level, water molecules arrange themselves in an orderly manner. What is referred to as Energy Water has a scaffold-like structural arrangement, the type of water that normally exists in human bodies, around and inside the cells. Once absorbed in the human body, Energy Water forms large networks of orderly organized water molecules on the surface of biologically significant molecules.

Energy Water within cells plays an active role in biochemical process, rather than simply acting as a passive solvent, and is bound to molecular surfaces within cells becoming intimately involved in the dynamic functions of these biological molecules. The water molecules, which are surface bound, in turn, facilitate further layering of other water molecules, contributing to the pervasiveness of water in the cytoplasm of cells.

Major functions of Energy Water include normalization of bodily function, nutritional balancing, buffering biological toxicants and performing as an anti-oxidant.

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