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Energy Water Interview with
Dr. Ferguson M. D.

conference call transcription by Marty Peoples

Dr. Ferguson is a Board Certified Family Practice provider who has a special interest in Holistic, complimentary Alternative Medicine. He integrates the best of Western (Allopathic) Medicine with safe natural, proven therapies. He is a native of Houston, Texas, where he received his B.S. Degree in Biology/Pre-Med in 1984, at Prairie View A & M University. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Texas Medical in Houston in 1988. He completed his Internship and Residency in Community and Family Medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, in 1991. He served in the United States Air Force at Grand Forks, North Dakota where he was Assistant Director of Family Medicine and Emergency Medical Services from 1991-93. In 1996 he co-founded Optimal Health Care Group in Los Angeles, CA, where he is currently Director of Integrative Medicine Services. He provides consultations in natural healing. He is a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Holistic Medical Association and the Life Extension Foundation. Dr. Ferguson is also Assistant Professor of Medicine at USC Medical School, where he supervises the Physician Assistant Program.

As I was going through Med School training I saw that many people with chronic illnesses didn't really get over their illnesses, they just kind of managed their illnesses with drugs. I believed there was always reason people wouldn't get better, so I started studying nutrition and wellness, even in my residency years, back in 1991.

I started seeing that many of the illnesses we were treating were basically self induced, meaning they brought it on by their unhealthy life styles and unhealthy choices. I started to study nutrition and wellness for the next several years, and the more I studied, the more conventions I went to, the more things I was exposed to, I started to see Conventional Medicine had kind of dropped the ball. We were basically looking at cover up the symptoms, rather than bringing the body back to wellness.

Homeostasis means everything is in balance. I believe if you bring the body back into homeostasis, where everything is in balance, disease can't exist.

Look at the testimonials. When you put the right nutrients into the body, allow the proper amount and proper quality of water to enter, then that allows the body and the cells of the body to absorb at a high efficiency rate of absorption and allows the body to release toxins from the cellular structure. Energy Water is a crystal thatís made up of organic Sea Salt and through some type of proprietary method, Dr. Lee's, of STC , theyíve been able to infuse a special energy into the crystals, which now can be allowed to infuse into the water, itself. Thatís why you have to let it sit 24 hours, because it allows the cells in the water to actually convert the H20 molecules into a different structure, which is H30.0H.

All it means is that the structure of the water has been changed by the Energy Crystals. Now you have a highly assimilable form of water. Because what happens is, the interesting part of water is, what most people donít realize is, that this information is just coming out over the past several years. When you look at H20 and you look at water under the microscope, that water does not exist as a single molecule of H20, it actually shows up as a form of clusters. The water molecules actually cluster together, and the smaller the cluster, the easier it to penetrate the cells.

So, water, in itself, does not exist as one single H20 molecule, itís actually formed by the clustering together of several H20 molecules, and the energy from the Crystals causes clustering to occur. So, the more energy that's infused into the water, the more clustering occurs. The more clustering occurring allows the cells to absorb this water molecule at a highly efficient rate, which also allows the cellular toxins to be neutralized and eliminated from the cell.

So, again, this information, about the structure of water, is really interesting. A lot of Western Doctors have not picked that up, yet. But a lot of people that are in Natural Medicine have been studying this. It's not just the quantity of water that you drink, but the quality of water.

The problem is, that when you have a processing of the water through the hydrant, or comes through the bottling process, that structuring of the water is lost. Now you have water that looks like water, but at the microscopic levels itís not clustered. Itís not clustered in the appropriate manner, so, now it is not able to penetrate and hydrate the cells. You can drink a lot of this basically processed water and still be dehydrated. Thatís something that a lot of people in medicine have not been able to understand, but in Natural Medicine, we understand that if the water has not been able to penetrate the cells, itís like the water is going right through your body and is not absorbed through the cellular structure. When you start to enhance the cellular hydration a lot of good things happen. You start to have better enzyme activity, that means you can expel toxins, you start to have more elevation of the pH of cellular water. The pH is something that is defined as from 0-10, 7pH being neutral, the body likes the pH between 7-7.34.

Most people that have chronic illnesses have a pH less than 7, less than 6.5, so, because the water is alkaline, itís little above 7.4, closer to 8. Most of the chemicals we ingest into our bodies are in acidic form. One of the questions I heard was, about poisons being eliminated, being neutralized, and that makes sense because look at whatís going on with the water. If you have a topical situation with a bite, like the lady had with the spider, what happens is, the first thing that happensóthe water that has been sitting for the 24 hour period has a higher alkaline pHótherefore, right on contact, as it contacts the poison, itís going to neutralize that poison, because most poisons are acids. So, right away your going to have some neutralization of that chemical, which would decrease the pain. The second thing that occurs is that as the poison is absorbed into the cellular structure the Energy Water is able to enhance delivery of nutrients into the cell wall and at the same time enhancing excretion of those chemicals. So, basically youíve got two processes going on almost simultaneously, and it happens relatively fast, instantaneously. So, Thatís why youíre seeing people getting results.

Like the dogs that drank antifreeze. So, again, antifreeze is a very toxic substance inside the body, but if you are able to eliminate it very quickly, and youíre able to neutralize it through the pH factor, then youíre going to have better results. So, thatís why the dog that drank the Energy Water, actually had some results the other dog did not have.

So, again, the water is not a panacea, it is very simple. I try to make sure that people understand , that when youíre looking at the physiology of this product, itís simplicity that is going to sell this product, you keeping it simple. Youíre not curing any disease with this product , all youíre doing is bringing the body back into homeostasis, then wellness and optimal health can occur. When you start making claims of curing illnesses, of course you could have trouble with that. In Holistic and Natural Medicine, our goal is to bring the body back into wellness, back into homeostasis.

One of the things we find with the aging process , as we start to age, each year our cells become more and more dehydrated, and one of the reasons is because youíre drinking water out of a hydrant. If youíre drinking processed water, bottled water, the water is clean and purified, but the structure of the water has been damaged, so therefore it canít be highly assimilated into the cellular structure. So, therefore you can drink water on a daily basis, and still be dehydrated.

So, with this compound, with the crystals in the water, it changes the structure, enhances the pH, and now youíve got a very highly effective solution that can actually help the body come back into homeostasis. That means water inside the cell, as well as water outside the cell, because there are two forms of water in the body. Thereís the intercellular water, the water thatís inside the 70 trillion plus cells, you know we all start off as one cell and the cells divide to become a mass of cells, and those cells become organs, then that becomes the human body . So, we all start out at the cellular structure. One of the things, as a platform for Natural Healthcare Doctors, is to understand that we must work at the cellular level, not just treat symptoms on the organ level, or the tissue level, but actually go to the cell structure itself, and try to bring it back into wellness. So, with this water, thatís whatís actually happening.

Once you understand that process, I donít care what condition it is, I mean it could be anything! I heard people talk about Glaucoma, heard about Cataracts, it doesnít matter what the condition is, if you allow the cells to absorb nutrition, to eliminate toxic waste and to raise the pH of the body fluids, then youíre going to have to bring harmony back to the body, which may mean that, that condition may be brought back into wellness, as we can say.

Thatís all I have to say about the workingís of the water, I know lots of people have specific questions about how this is working for us. Iím going to open up the floor for questions and answers (Q&A):

Q- Gordon: I have a lady who complained that she drank the water and had water retention. I told her some others have had the same problem, but they continued drinking the water and the swelling went away. How would you explain thatí

A- Dr. Ferguson: The majority of people that retain water are actually dehydrated. That is something that is very hard to perceive, but if you look at it, when your body is dehydrated it wants to hold onto the water that it has left that is covering the cells, so basically, it is the water that is outside the cell, not the intracellular water, but the extra-cellular water (outside the cell). The body is trying to maintain that structure, so the water will be, pretty much, glued to the cell wall. So, now youíre going to have the issue of having edema, or swelling in the lower extremities. That happens because a lot of people are dehydrated, even though, like I say, we drink water throughout the day, but itís the quality of the water that we are not getting inside the cell, so as a person starts to drink the Energy Water, the first thing that starts to happen is, you start to expel toxic water from the intracellular structure. Now, your releasing water, and if you have a very toxic situation, which no one knows your situation, you may start to release a lot of water in between the cells that kind of catches in the cell structure. Now, youíve got edema, youíve got swelling, but as you continue on the water, you will start to release that.

It does kind of make sense, I havenít heard that being explained before, but looking at the physiology of how the water, just basic water functions, and fluid dynamics occur, if you look at just normal fluid dynamics, fluid dynamics are the cellular structure. If you have a situation where you have too much water outside the cell, then the bodyís homeostasis reaction is to absorb water inside the cell. Okay, but if youíre already dehydrated, your body wants to hold onto the water, as much as it can. So, that is why people who are chronically dehydrated, will have edema. Edema is another word for swelling in the tissues. Hopefully that is something that could explain that situation.

Q- Gordon: My wife hurt her coccyx when she was about six. It went out of position recently after a 14 hour drive. She was in serious pain. She went to chiropractor and he adjusted it. She was somewhat better, but since sheís been drinking the water, itís as if sheís suddenly remembering that pain, and has reached that painful threshhold 3-4 times. But she backs off the water, instead of drinking more, like I told her to, and rushing through it . Could you address that, what would you do?

A- Dr. Ferguson: Yea, sure. This is getting more, I guess, on the metaphysical side, but you know, we have to be open minded.

One of the things that a lot of people donít realize, and this is something I have just learned in the last several years, is that water of your body, that is in your cells, actually retains memory. It retains memory! How does it do that? If you know about the field of Homeopathic Medicine, you understand that each chemical composition or compound, when itís in a water base, will leave an imprint in the water. So, what happens when you dilute that water, when there is no more chemical left in that water, the imprint or the structure of how it interacted with the water is still left. Thatís another reason why people can drink water that can be purified, the chemicals are no longer there, but the imprint of that molecule is still in the water.

So, that imprint of her energy, in that area, is still there. When she starts to drink that water, it started to release that! So, hopefully, over a period of time, that will be released as the water is being eliminated from the body. The toxins are coming out. Thatís what toxicity does. Toxicity just means that youíve got a chemical in your body that is not food, is not a vitamin, not a mineral, and the body doesnít know what to do with it, so it stores it. It stores it in the fat, it stores it in the muscles, it stores it in the tissue. So, as you start to heal, you start to recreate that original trauma, before it actually heals. Thatís again on a metaphysical level thatís above the, you know, the area that people are comfortable with, but if you start looking at that, you know that could be an issue of why, when the water starts to cleanse the body, you start to recreate the old trauma before it is actually released from the body.

Gordon: I remember reading about four years ago in Popular Science, that water, in fact, does carry memory. In fact IBM, and their competition, has spent millions upon millions of dollars trying to build a computer around a single drop of water. Apparently a single drop of water has the ability to retain that much memory, all the memory functions of the next generation computer.

Dr. Ferguson: So, basically what weíre finding out, is that water is a little bit more than a hydrating type substance. I mean, it actually is a universal solvent, meaning that it will dissolve almost any organic

If it is put in a water base, we know that water is a universal solvent, so the more water you drink, the more youíre able to dissolve chemical waste byproducts that are being left inside our bodies. A lot of us call it cellulite, it happens in women especially. Those are stored toxins that the body cannot get rid of, because it doesnít know what to do with it, so, it sits in the fat cells.

So, when you start to drink this high quality water, these chemicals are starting to be eliminated from the body. That is why you start to see people putting it on different areas of their body, starting to relieve fat, or whatever. I havenít heard anyone say recently, that theyíve actually used it topically and actually lost fat cells, but initially I heard that people were losing fat by drinking the water, and that is one of the reasons, because a lot of the chemicals are stored in the fat tissue. As a matter of fact, the majority of the environmental toxins, environmental pollutants, are fat soluble. Meaning that you could be exposed to something 20-30 years ago and it could still be in your body, within your fat cells. So, the more fat you carry, the more toxic load you carry. So, that means you need more water. Not just Energy Water, but regular water, just more water to eliminate that. Thatís why water is so important, and most of us just donít drink enough. I mean, until the last 2-3 years, until I knew how important it was, even being a Physician, you sometimes just donít do it, but I started looking at the structure of water, and how this water is actually cleansing and nitrifying at the same time, that I started to increase my water intake, and not just bottled water, because, like I said, bottled water is good, itís free of chemicals, but again, the memory of those chemicals are still there and the structure, because of the processing has been changed.

Thereís a book written, I think, by a Japanese Medical Physician, and it talks about the crystal structure of water. Again this may be going a little bit too far, but they did an experiment, and they had four different types of music played to the water itself. Then, within 30 minutes, they actually took an electron microscope photo of the chemical structure and the actual structure of the water at its cellular level. When you play Bach or some type of Contemporary Classical Music, the water forms perfect snowflake like crystals. Now you turn around and play heavy Metal Rock, and because of the distortion of the sound molecules, it actually distorts the structure of the water and it became disorganized. When I saw it with my own eyesóthis was a couple of years agoóthat changed my whole understanding of water. And that led me to start studying water more intensely. So, when this product came along, I was already ahead of the game. Thatís why I have a lot of information about it, because Iíve already been doing work on it.

So, basically water is more than just what we think it is, and if youíve got a water that actually has a highly advanced structure, that means itís easy to penetrate each cell, and itís easy to eliminate toxins through the cell wall. When the structure becomes disorganized, the water molecules are not organized, theyíre not able to penetrate the cell wall, so you can drink water and still not be hydrating the cells. So, again, all the medical conditions that people are talking about on this call, as far as having results, Diabetes, Glaucoma, bites from insects, all these things are basic, if you understand the physiology of the cell structure of the body, that if you allow the cell structure to absorb the nutrients, so it can actually help to detoxify the inside of the cell, now you have a channel where things can be eliminated from the cell, because the structure of the water has been changed. Now you have a perfectly operating unit and the body can come back to homeostasis.

Q-Jessie- This is Jessie Ariolla, again. I have an article here that says, "by the way, itís a proven fact that cells use fat tissue to surround toxins and do their best to protect vital organs from harm. This is why it is so difficult to prevent or get rid of excess body fat. By drinking H30.0H, the toxins get flushed out of the cells. When the toxins are gone and it is safe, then the body will not store excess body fat." Here is a quote by Elexus Carrell, Nobel Prize winner."The cell is immortal, it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cell what it requires from nutrition, and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever." But this is the part that interests me the most. It is what Nobel Laureate, David Baltimore said, "The molecular signal transduction is a whole new world of biochemical interactions, the one we have always been looking for, because itís this interaction that controls cell behavior." Is this the signal that is programmed into the salt?

A-Dr. Ferguson: I donít know the proprietary formulation of this product, but I do know, just from reading about the productówe need more information coming down from corporate on the technology thatís going onóbut evidently, like we said before, not only does water carry memory, but any type of crystal information carries memory, as well. So, that energy is infused into the salt crystalóand again, it is organic sea salt, it is not table salt, thatís not good for you , itís actually organic, which is good. Organic sea salt is loaded with all the trace minerals of the ocean, and it is better for you. As for Sodium Chloride, which is table salt, itís inorganic and is not good for consumption, long term, because it disturbs the functioning of the cells of the body. Anything thatís inorganic means that it doesnít have a charge on it, itís not ionic, and therefore itís noted to be inorganic. Organic means that nature has put a charge, an electrical charge on it, a positive and negative charge on it, and thatís what makes something organic, as apposed to being inorganic.

So, the body wants organic minerals, not inorganic minerals. Inorganic minerals will actually store in the body and will cause a problem in certain chemical reactions, because the body wants organic minerals that have a charge on them. So, thatís the difference between organic and inorganic.

So, the issue is, that the structure of the salt actually carries energy as well, and that energy is translated into the water. Thatís why the longer you let it set, the more energy and information can be carried into it. See, this again, is going a little bit farther than what modern science is ready to understand.

Those who study this information know this to be true, but mainstream practitioners are not really aware of the information yet, so if you start talking to a professional about this he may think youíre, kind of, off the wild end, but you know, you can provide the information to people and let them make their own decisions. Let them do their own research, thatís what I always try to do. But, yea, this water industry is really taking off and itís because of new technology. Before the 1950ís, before the electron microscope, we could not see down to the level of the structure of water, we thought water was just clear water. But when you look at it or at a snowflake or anything that comes out of nature, it has a natural organization, a natural crystalline structure. You take water from a healing lake, like at Lourdesin France, where people go to get healing. The water there is highly structured, but as water starts to be processed, as it goes through pipes to get into your home, the electrons are cleaved off and now the energy of the structure has been changed, now the crystalline structure has been destroyed. Now, the water coming through your pipes, into your home, into your refrigerator, is not the same water that comes out of a natural lake or natural waterfall, or that comes out of rainfall, or whatever.

Q-Marty: Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Cha, one of Dr. Leeís scientists made a statement, he said, "Energy Water helps the body correct DNA misinformation." Could you explain that, please?

A-Dr. Ferguson: Like I said, I donít have the information, the technology they were working with, but just based on what Iíve studied in the last 2 years, is that, in order for the DNA to replicate itself, it has to be read and copied by RNA. RNA is the chemical structure that actually makes a copy of the DNA, so now when the cells divide you have a complete copy of your DNA code, which is your genetic blueprint, itís like your computer software chip. For each cell that divides and makes a new cell, you have to get the correct information, the correct DNA structure or otherwise you get a mutation, and thatís when things start to happen, like cancer and things like that.

The proper water environment inside the cell allows for proper transmission of that information. Thatís why, if you have water thatís disorganized, and not carrying the proper pH, it disturbs the way the body copies that information from the DNA. So, by putting this kind of water inside the cells, it allows this to happen at a better efficiency and you get less mutation. What happens is, when you get toxic byproducts inside the cell it interferes with the copying of the cells, and now you get a miscommunication, we call it a mutation. The cellís signal is not the same as it was before, and now youíve got a cell that has defective information, we call it a renegade cell. It starts to lose itís control, lose itís continuity with other cells, and we call it cancer.

Marty: Thank you! That goes along with what else Dr. Cha said. He said the Energy Water was very orderly, where other molecularly changed waters were disorderly , but that Energy Water was orderly.

A-Dr. Ferguson: Remember, this is something simple to remember, but I didnít understand it until recently, that any time you process water, and when I say process, when you bring water through your pipes into your home, thatís processing, or when you take water and bottle it, thatís processing. If it comes out of nature itís going to be already naturally organized by nature, but as it starts to be processed, that structure is changed, it becomes disorganized and chaotic, and that means that the structure no longer looks like a snowflake, it becomes a blur.

Now the body has a hard time absorbing that type of water, even though you drink your water, you think youíre doing a good job on yourself, your still not having the quality of water that you need. So, basically again, by understanding that simple concept about structure and organization, that water from natureóif you take water thatís coming in a rainfall, and you gather that water and look at it under a microscope, it has a natural crystalline structure that looks like a snowflake. But then you take that water and run it through the pipe system, to get it into your home, so you can put it into your refrigerator, that water has been changed, because the outside structure has lost itís electrons. Electrons are the key to energy! If you understand what energy really is, itís really electrons, so, the electrons are siphoned off. Going through those pipes, it loses itís energy structure, and now, you have disorganized water.

Now, again, this information is not mainstream yet, but itís becoming mainstream, but right now a lot of Natural Healthcare practitioners are studying this type of information, and eventually youíll see it in Conventional Medicine, probably in the next 10 years. But a lot of things that happen in Natural Medicine happen almost 10 or 20 years before you see it in Conventional Medicine.

Q-Jessie: Dr. Ferguson, does that include, like filtered and soft waters, alsoí

A-Dr. Ferguson: If it comes in through the pipe system, itís been processed. As it comes through the pipes that process actually shaves off and disorganizes the water, so even though itís coming through your pipes into your filter, itís filtering the water from the chemicals, but the structure has been changed. So, yes, it does go for filtering water. When you take the Energy Crystals and you put them in any water, and let set for 24 hours, itís starting the process of reconstructing the water.

Q-Jessie: You had mentioned about cancer. On the web site it mentions, for example, in the case of cancer or tumors, the molecular structure of water in the cells is something different from normal H30.0H. If the abnormal molecular structure of water in the cell is replaced with the normal one, then adult diseases, like cancer and tumor, would disappear accordingly. Could you expound on that a little bit more?

A-Dr. Ferguson: Really what I can say about that is, again, it goes back to the same concept we just talked about. That if you look at the inside of the cell structure of the body and you start to drink water that has poor quality, beverages like sodaósoda is very acidic, itís a very acid forming product, phosphoric acid is in thereówhat happens is it lowers the pH of the fluid in your body.

Also, just by understanding the structure of the water, as you lower the energy of the water, of any type of water, then you lower the energy structuring of the water. As you start to enhance the energy of the water, through the salt crystals, you start to reform those crystals and when inside the cells, it gives the cell better transmission of the DNA code. Remember, what is causing the cancer inside the DNA code, is the mutation of the DNA. Thatís what cancer is, damage to your genetic code that now causes cells not to be team players. The cell starts to do itís own thing, itís not under the same control any more, because of loss of one of the key information particles that got mutated. So, again, cancer starts at the DNA level, so if youíre able to put the water back into itís normal organized state, that information can be transmitted, and now you can actually have the cell come back into homeostasis, which means that the cancer cells may actually reverse. It still comes back to the idea of proper nutrients inside the cell wall, elimination of toxic waste from the cell structure and the reorganization of the cell water.

Mention was made of a study done at Rockefeller Institute where the cells of a chicken embryo lived 29-30 years by changing the fluid daily, then one day the fluid that the cell was floating in did not get changed. The cell died!

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