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(Although researched and tested in Korea for eight years,
these products have only been in the United States a few months.
These testimonials are from the second and third quarter of 2002.
New ones are being added to weekly, so bookmark this page and come back soon.)


"The skin care works very fast and makes your skin like a baby's within minutes. It makes your skin soft and gives it a glow. These are some of the best demo products ever created.

After trying these products people are planning to sell tons of this stuff by setting up kiosks at the local mall and by going around to hair, nail, beauty, and tanning salons. All you have to do is demo it to people and they will immediately want to carry it in their store."



I used the skin care today. AWESOME !!! Smooth as a baby's butt kind of results.

I like the rinse and my hair is having a good day.

The soap bar feels good...has a strong perfume feel clean...but I am partial to a body shampoo type of application, so I am going to order the other products ASAP.

The tooth paste....don't put a full bead on to your'll have too does the job.



"Ken, I have to admit I was extremely skeptical of the claim made concerning hair growing in at its natural color by STC. I thought, Oh, sure, give me a break!!! If someone could do that they would be a bazillionaire!!!

Well, the first flicker of light came on when a friend of mine who is an STC rep told me his totally skeptical wife informed him that as much as she hated to admit it, she thought his hair was growing in darker. I mentioned this to my ex-husband, who is also a rep, and he said, Sure, my hair is growing in darker, including my moustache. When I saw him the other day I couldn't believe my eyes, all the gray is gone and he has brown hair once again. He also told me he used to clean his sink out every morning after drying and combing his hair with hair that had fallen out and he hadn't done that in probably a week or so because his hair was not falling out. He's got several people ready to sign up just because of his hair.

But the BIG surprise was when I went to my parents' house yesterday and realized my 83 year old dad is no longer silver headed. His hair is returning to its normal black that we have not seen for years and years. I couldn't believe my eyes and didn't. I called my sister and said next time you see dad really look at his hair and tell me what you see. She just called me and said, Dad's hair is growing back in black!!!

I am no longer skeptical and am so excited about the opportunity we have with this incredible product!!!"

July 10, 2002

Hair loss

I had always used a good hair salon shampoo and conditioner, until I noticed I was losing hair - it seemed to be thinning out day by day and was very noticeable in the shower where the drain was completely plugged from the mass of hair I had lost every time I had a shower. I felt this was partly due to certain stress I was under at the time.

I looked into a natural hair growth product, NIOXIN, and have been using this treatment for almost a year now. Although, it has helped, I was still losing a fair amount of hair in the shower - not as much as previously, and the water would go down a little faster, but the hair I lost would still plug the drain.

The very first day I used STC's Shampoo and Rinse, May 5/02, I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE - I could actually count the hair on my hands - there were ONLY 12 - I mean, to be able to ACTUALLY COUNT THEM was incredible! With ALL of the shampoos and conditioners I've used over the years, this is truly the most remarkable! I REALLY noticed a difference in how my hair feels - so soft and shiney and I can just run my fingers through my hair so smoothly. LOVE IT!

Linda, Nelson, BC

Cut Flowers
Teeth & Gums

We have to tell you about a carnation that was given to us by dear friends....18 days ago. This carnation was, of course, cut and was out of water for quite some time....even worn on lapels for the day (Mother's Day). We put it in Energy Water and it still looks as fresh as the day it was cut. AND, the fragrance is still very, very strong and wonderful! Show this to your local florists!!!

What has it done for us? No HUGE miracles, but definitely some wonderful, subtle, alertness, Verle's hair is slowly changing to its original color....whatever that was.

One annoying fingernails are growing way too fast! I'm not used to having fingernails! I can't keep up with them.

With all this packing, garage sale, new business, we should be near death. Instead, we just keep going! As you've heard from others, the toothpaste is remarkable! We have never felt such clean teeth. Because of all the toxic exposures we have had, our gums were receding and our teeth were loose. Now the gums are repairing and the teeth are tighter. And, of course we love the shampoo, conditioner and skin care products....we can't say enough about them!

Verle & Karyn

Deep Detox

"Pains in my hands and legs were gone in a few days, my blood sugar stabilized, I get up earlier and stay up later with great energy, I no longer bleed out my arms, my ability to fight free radicals is improved as evidenced by my redox readings and more. We started giving our 13-year-old dog some on her food and her energy has doubled. Amber is chasing squirrels again! My relative's wrinkles have disappeared by 80% in a few days…"

George Hopkins, founder and Executive Director of Operations
Economic & Environmental Conservation Organization (ECCO)
and G. Jordan Hopkins Research & Training Institute


"A half pack of crystals with about 3 Tbsp of water applied with cotton ball to my psoriasis 4X a day has done miraculous things. In 2 days, my flare up has calmed down and starting to heal."

Sore on Ear
Sun Burn

"My own results are as follows:

I put the energy water on a cotton swap and rubbed it on a sore that was in my ear for almost 4 months. The sore would continue to come back no matter what I did. In 3 days, applying energy water twice daily, it was gone. After 2 weeks it has yet to come back, and I doubt it will.

I got sunburn on my face weeks ago. I had just got my kit in the mail so I tried the skin products for 2 days in a row. I hate using lotions but I thought it might help the burn. Not so surprisingly, it did help. The burn itself went away quicker than usual AND my face didn't peel off like it always does after sunburn!

I, again, got sun burned last Friday, this time on my arms. It was throbbing and sore so I put some energy water on it. A half hour later the discomfort and throbbing was gone.

I have started to spray the energy water into my eyes like Jeff did....hoping for some results because I am blind as a bat. I am also spraying it onto my face and massaging it in like the skin care products. "



"Can't tell you how thrilled I am to report that my Dad has had simply amazing results on the Energy Water!! He has had Diabetes for 20+ years now. He gives himself insulin shots daily. I sent him some energy crystals recently and he noticed a difference the very first day! He had told me he would be happy if his blood sugar went down to 140. Well, at one point, it was down to 60! He had to reduce the amount of insulin he was using to keep it at a more normal 90...

Just FYI, he was drinking almost a half gallon per day for 3 days. The next day he started to notice the de-toxing his body was doing so he skipped that day's water "dose". He said he can feel it working and can see its effect when he gets his blood sugar readings. He already shared some of the water with a friend with health problems. . ."

Live Cell Analysis

I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, certified in the following fields: Live Cell Analysis, Video Iridology, Reflexology, Basic Homeopathy, B.E.T. Emotional Therapy, and Nutritional Symptomatology. I have been researching/studying natural health for nearly thirty years and have seen and tried all kinds of natural supplements.

With the Live Cell Analysis it is pretty easy to see any differences taking place in the body, as it will register first in the blood cells. As I am looking at all the live blood cells through a high-powered microscope, a trained eye can very quickly pick up the changes in the health of the body through the health of the blood cells. In the following case, my client who is not trained had no problem seeing the difference in the before and after sample!!!!! THAT IS EXCITING!! PLEASE ENJOY THESE TESTIMONIES. God Bless and Health 2 All

Disclaimer--- The information included is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be prescriptive or diagnostic or to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is possible that some individuals may suffer allergic reactions from the use of various dietary supplement preparations or the media in which they are contained; if such reactions occur, stop consuming the product immediately and contact your physician/ health practitioner. All suggestions are followed at your own discretion and I do not prescribe or assume any responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. This information is shared solely for informational purposes. Your choice = your health, it is your responsibility, choose wisely.

Good Morning!

Wow!!! I did Carol's blood before she started the energy crystals (JUNE 12), and it was a mess, RBC's showing stacking, rouleaux and aggregation. This in itself is not a healthy state and it puts extra stress on the heart. The WBC's were hardly moving, T-Cells almost non-existent which is a sign of a very depressed immune system. Protits, cylomicrons, protoplast, just massive in the plasma indicating a terrain which is pH unbalanced and is very conducive to the growth of bacteria. In the dry sample, we had poor absorption, poor adhesion of the peripheral cell wall, poor fibrin netting throughout the sample. The Rots Masses (garbage dumps) were huge, with viral bridging, sailic acid beads, etc. There were also green tinges around the edges of the masses. Because of her medical history and medications and poor condition, I suggested she start the energy crystals slowly by sipping 1 glass over a 1-2 hour period, and only 1glass per day.

She started with one glass per day, and had worked up to two by Monday, June 17th, and the difference was incredible. In just 4 days at 1 glass for 2 days and 2 glasses for 2 days, the plasma had cleared almost completely. The RBC's had separated approx. 75%, had more life, definition, vibration and movement. The WBC's had intensified to the point we could see the enzymatic action inside even the T-cells. It was totally amazing! The dried sample was also much better and the Rots were starting to show some clearing, the green tinges were beginning to disappear. This is amazing! . . .


By the way, another client, who has diabetes stopped for coffee, so I gave her about a 6 oz glass of water. She had checked her blood sugar in the morning and it was 16.7, she is on two pills a day and it is fluctuating like crazy. I told her to check it when she went home, not expecting that one glass would do anything. She called me the next evening and said she had checked it and it was down to 7.4!!!! She wondered if it could be just a co-incidence, so I asked her if it had been anywhere near that range in the last 7 - 14 days and she said it has not been below 12 for at least a month. This is pretty awesome on one 6 oz. glass!!! She and her husband both have diabetes, which is brought on by stress and diet mostly. Anyway this is great!

By the way, if you want to send this out as a testimonial, be my guest! At least with the Blood Analysis we have a way of tracking the progress. I am putting this on video so it will be easy to compare from week to week. I will be doing Carol's blood again on June 24th, will keep you updated. Thanks for the crystals, I will be ordering today. Take care.


Kidney Failure: Dialysis

I want to share with you what the Energy Water has done for my health, and my overall quality of life. As you know, I suffered permanent kidney failure about 5 years ago, and have been undergoing dialysis treatments since then. Currently, I'm doing five peritoneal exchanges daily, at home, and I have been doing that for several years.

I won't go into all the numerous complications I have encountered over the years, except to say that I've had my share of near-death challenges, and that my activities have been very limited. But, I'm a survivor, and my faith, a loving mother, competent, caring healthcare professionals, and concerned friends like you, have made my journey a lot easier. Most of the time, a good day for me would be one where I had just enough energy to wash Mom's car. All of that began to change in May of this year, 2002.

When you called Mom to tell her about the water, I was very excited, that is, until you told us that Dr. Lee didn't recommend the water for people with bad kidneys. That was very disappointing, but I did understand that, without the kidneys functioning, the detoxing that could occur when drinking the water would create tremendous stress on my whole body. You were kind enough to put me in touch with DeVon, and his counsel was very helpful. Although he could not recommend that I drink the water, he said that, if I insisted on trying it, I should exercise extreme caution, and be sensitive to any contraindications that I might experience. He did agree that, due to the fact that I was dialyzing so frequently, I would be better able to remove the toxins that if I were only to dialyze, say, 3 times a week in the hospital.

I began by drinking 1, 8oz glass per day, and I sipped it over a 2-3 hour period. I must tell you that, although I vomited every day for the first 10 days, I could feel my body getting stronger from the beginning. After three weeks or so, when you and I next spoke, I was up to three glasses a day and I was able to walk a mile, using a cane, and do other things I hadn't been able to do for a very long time. People were already telling me I looked better.

Now, over three months later, I can still walk a mile, go out pretty much when I want to, most of the time without my cane, and people tell me I look great. It's wonderful! I can honestly say that, if I never improved beyond this point, I would never regret having started drinking the Energy Water.

However, I'm not giving up on the idea of recovery. In fact, recently, I have been experiencing the "urging" of my kidneys to function again, and I'm hopeful that the day will come when I'll be able to relieve my kidneys again, naturally.

Thanks to STC for bringing this wonderful product to America, and thank you for introducing it to me.

Mary B.

Gum Infection

Dear Lyle;
We started the STC Energy Water as soon as we opened it, and listened to the tape, and made some up, using bottled water.

That very night I slept better than I had for a long time, and that has been the case every night since then. I had a half cup of coffee this afternoon and was wide awake, so got up to work on this letter. It has been just a little better than a week since we started the water, and I'm very excited, already!

Honestly, I am feeling much better from head to toe. I also am better in other ways I can't explain. I feel better balanced, or something. I don't have the pain I was having., and the pockets of lumps I have had in my back from the fibromyalgia for so many years, are gone. I feel a lot better at work, too.

My teeth are prettier since the very first night I used the tooth paste. I had a very bad infection on my gums and it was still very sore, but it's better, also.
I have been going to the chiropractor since January, but I haven't been there for a week. I am doing very well so far, without the usual treatment.

I still have some headaches, can you help me with that?

I will have my three month test for diabetes next week and I will see how that is doing. I have been walking to help that, also. I have been testing it regularly, and it has definitely improved. I need some information about the blood clots, if you can direct me to some one who knows about these things.

My husband lost his job last week in a steel industry cutback. What is surprising is that I didn't come all unglued or go into shock like I probably would have before I began drinking the water. I know God will take care of us. He must have something better in store.

I hope this doesn't sound vain, but I think I look better after being on the water than when I use my old supply of facial products. I plan to order the STC products.
I must close and get to bed. Thank you so much for telling me about these great products.

See ya'

Linda B.
Cleveland, OH

Severe Liver Damage

Hi........ Ok, I'm a skeptic at the very least!!

I had a couple of really super friends pay for my kit to receive the stuff you mix in the water...
I looked through all the material I got and since I know a little about herbs and vitamins and stuff ......I thought ok, maybe it'll work, let's give it a shot!!

The shampoo was GREAT....I'm an older person and my hair looks like when I was 16 again!! Nope it hasn't turned back to its original color yet, but it looks HEALTHY!!

Well........I REALLY have to tell see I have a liver that likes to go on strike occasionally!! I've had this for 23 years!!

When I was MUCH younger, I worked in a department store, back by the incinerators. Some one accidentally threw one of those pressured cans (like hair spray or some thing) into the incinerator. The results where that the poison got into my blood stream causing me to get hepatitis. I was in a comma for three days and almost died.......damaging my liver severely!!

I started drinking the water (I really didn't think that after all these years it would or could help much, but was hoping!)

The first day......"yep I feel better, but hey I've always had good and bad days!" The second day........"mmmmmmmm......still feel pretty good, but hey maybe I got lucky, two good days in a row."'s the forth day....I have to admit that some thing is changing here!!

And the only thing I changed was the water!!

Then I took a shower last night. You see USUALLY I look like I'm 9 months pregnant because my liver stays swollen ALL the time...... I turned and looked in the mirror......"some thing looks god, I don't believe it!! For the first time in 23 years my liver is half the size it was 4 days ago!!"

And I haven't had ANY PAIN for three of those days!! GOT TO BE THE WATER!!
I can NEVER thank my friends enough for know who you are!!
Yep.......still skeptical, still waiting to see if it's a coincidence...but I don't think so!!

THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS......I'm getting excited!! Heck I am excited!!


Toenail Fungus
Age Spots

I have been on the Energy Crystals ... since May and here is what they are helping me with:
One toenail had toenail fungus under it and it started disappearing within 1 1/2 weeks.
It is gone now.

I had a burn on my leg, from a motorcycle pipe, and it is all but gone.
I had a scar on my leg from a cancerous squamous cell incision, which is fading.
The "Energy Crystals" are helping my digestive system.

I feel more alive!

I had corns between my little toe and the next toe, from my back being out of balance and the corns are almost gone.. The only way I could correct the corns was by going to the chiropractor and having my back adjusted.. The water is "healing" the corns.
I broke my ankle a few years ago, hit it with my golf club, thought I was going to have to have surgery on it, but it is not as painful now that I've been on the water.
My skin is better. My age spots are almost all gone. My hair is better.

Love the "Energy Crystals" Won't be without them!!
Thank you STC!!!

South Dakota

Acid Reflux
Toenail fungus

as a sufferer of acid reflux for more than 5 yrs i'm happy to report that my condition improved dramatically after drinking the STC energy water for only 1 was necessary for me to take a prescription med (prilosec) daily for relief, but that's now a thing of the an added benefit this has led to better, uninterrupted sleep due to the absence of heartburn-like symptoms...i've also had a toenail fungus for several yrs on my right foot & avoided the prescription remedies available because of the possible liver complications that can occur (according to the manufacturer's disclaimer)...the nails were cloudy/yellowish & i was self-conscious about their appearance...well, 2 months on the energy water & the nails are slowly growing out clear & are noticeably harder...also, the toothpaste is working on my gums. . . everything feels "tighter" - great stuff !!...

best wishes,
troy, ny

Duodenal Ulcer

God has surely blessed this company! And I for one personally thank Him for it. My duodenal ulcer has completely GONE!! My hair is turning back to its original brown color and my teeth are whiter now without a dentist's treatment.

Is that not something to crow about? Now I ask you?

I am starting to lose some weight too now. I only realized that when I put on a new dress I had recently bought that fit perfectly when I got it, NOW it is loose and I can honestly say I am extremely happy about that.

Anyhow, please tell people about these amazing products. I know I am!! There IS one side effect of being on these products: You just can't shut up about the wonderful feelings you have while you're on them, and it shows!!!

Thanks again,
Ella P. in
North Carolina

Visual & Auditory Hallucinations

My mom and dad were married for 62 happy years when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. At that time, mom started hearing voices, intermittently. This escalated into visual hallucinations, and although she realized they were not real, she was able to cope with this situation for eighteen months.

She insisted she was okay and did not need to go to a doctor. After my dad passed away in 1996, the voices became steady, and the hallucinations became vivid. She became frightened of the voices, so I took her to a doctor who referred her to a psychiatrist who prescribed some anti psychotic medicine to alleviate the hallucinatory voices.

I brought her home to stay with me, and the very next day I awoke to a loud rapping on my door. It was a policeman with my mother in hand. That night, she had been plagued with voices that said they were going to kill her, and other voices telling her to run away. She responded to the voices. Clad only in her nightgown and robe, with nothing on her feet, she ran out of the house in desperation. This was at 1:00 am! A neighbor, knowing she resided with me, directed the policeman to my home. Mom did not remember where I live. My mother was not living but she was alive!

She has since had seven psychiatrists, eight doctors and three neurologists all of whom diagnosed her with Alzheimer's and dementia. The newest anti-psychotic medicines were prescribed for her. Her pharmacy bill would be anywhere from eight hundred to one thousand dollars a month, and nothing took away the tormenting voices in her mind. I finally told the doctor to tell me how to safely take her off this medication. I knew my mom, and it was only making her worse. She became more paranoid.

The visual hallucinations disappeared, but the voices plagued her every waking hour. Two years ago, mom withdrew into her own world in order to cope with a world of threats from imaginary voices that threatened to take her life, or do evil things to her, and the voices, became her reality. She no longer had life in her eyes, and her communication skills diminished to one-word retorts. She was withdrawn, fragile, and at times combative.

This is what happened to my mother: my mom was always the cheerful problem solver in our family, the matriarch, and positive thinker. Her sweetness of heart, and love of life and family, gleamed in her eyes, and people were drawn to her, young and old. She was an avid reader and often read a book a day. Unable to read or interact with family now, mom was not living just existing. Her new world was not a familiar world, and I could only bring her out of it for minutes at a time.

She had to be committed into secured hospital wards 7 times when she could no longer cope with the voices. New medications would help for only days, and when I say help, it didn't take the voices away ever, it only helped her cope with them.

In June of this year, a dear friend of mine Pat Howard, being aware of my mother's dilemma, introduced me to STC Energy Water. She told me she believed it would help mom. On June 8th, mom drank approximately 16 oz's of the water. On June 9th, Mom didn't hear any voices until 10:30am. On June 10th, I gave her 20 oz's of Energy Water and she heard very few voices.

On June 11th, Mom heard no voices at all, and I've watched my mother come alive again: her voice is steady; her eyes have that special animated twinkle again; and she is able to say "I don't hear those voices anymore!" Her beautiful smile is back, and she is chatty again.

My son visited us yesterday, and she was able to tell him she hadn't heard any voices for four days!!! She can reason again, and is aware of her surroundings. My son enjoyed a long conversation with mom yesterday, June 15th, something Mom has been incapable of for the past two years.

I don't mean to mislead anyone, My mom is 88 and is by no means as spry as she was at age 60. She still has some confusion, but her mind is sharper, her walk, more steady, her smile is warm. Life has returned to her eyes, a far cry from the little lady who had to detach herself from life, unaware of her true surroundings, whose haunted blank eyes were governed by a world of fear and agony she had learned to tolerate.

After being on the Energy Water for only, five days, mom has survived what seven psychiatrists, eight doctors and three neurologists diagnosed as dementia and Alzheimer's.
Yes, she has survived because someone took the time to introduce her to a new Molecular Correction Medical Science Technology, and this technology placed her body in an environment, enabling it to heal, with exciting, positive results.

Folks if you have a loved one out there who is not living but is alive, please, put them on this energy water and invite them back into the family of life.

Joyce and Ethel

Chemical Sensitivity
Mosquito Bites

My name is Karyn DeYong and I have to tell you some of the things this water has done for me. First of all, several years back I was exposed to several pesticides that left me totally the point of being on Social Security disability. I decided a few years ago that "Western Medicine" was doing nothing more for me than allowing me to exist. in fact, the Mayo clinic instructed me to get a good Psychiatrist, because I would be like this the remainder of my life! Then and there I decided that Alternative Medicine was the way to go. I spent 3 years studying alternative medicine and trying to practice what I had learned. Because of this I am now capable of functioning, and working, once again. However, I was still very "chemically sensitive" and would get sick for days just being exposed to small amounts of things like Chlorine bleach. Since I have been on the Energy Water, I noticed that my illnesses -- from exposures -- were not lasting days at a time. In fact, I could take a short nap and be able to get back up and carry on!

We recently moved from South Dakota to Montana.....and we did this by ourselves! I believe the Energy Water is the only thing that sustained us through this grueling adventure! One thing we noticed right away, about MT, was the number of mosquitoes! In the Black Hills of SD, there were hardly any -- only two bites in four years! Now we were experiencing 20 to 30 bites in 1/2 an hour! With the onslaught of the West Nile Virus, I believed my only choice was to stay indoors or use DEET! At times I had no choice but to use this -- as even natural products were not keeping those pests from biting me! And each time I used DEET, I spent the remainder of the day in bed. Then my husband suggested that prior to spraying on the chemicals, why didn't I try covering the exposed areas with the Body Milky. I did, then sprayed on the DEET and NO BITES and NO ILLNESS!! I believe that not only did I protect my skin from absorbing all the chemicals, but the Body Milky also "buffered" the chemicals!

One other thing, I make my own salsa and can it every year. Even when wearing gloves to chop the HOT peppers, I always manage to get some pepper juice in my eyes. This year was no exception. However, as soon as the burning started -- and I mean burning -- I quickly put some A3 (skin balancer) in my eye and the pain and burning was instantly gone! There are soooo many other testimonies I could give, but suffice to say I am hooked, sold, and convinced these are the greatest products I have ever been introduced to!


West Niles Virus

testimony of Cindy Richards as told to Mickee Rarick.

We have been asked to share with you what it s like to have the West Niles Virus and how we are treating it. This is not diagnosing, prescribing or suggesting anything, but it is a testimony from one of my customers who has this virus.

Cindy would also like everyone to know what it is like and she has asked me to share her story with you.
Please understand. Cindy was on the phone when explaining this to me as was still sick but getting well!!! (This was about 2 days ago). The order in which I am writing maybe a little scrambled, as I was trying to take notes fast so bear with me. The story is a little long so please see it through.
Cindy Richards (late 30's) lives in Sturgis, SD about 20 minutes from me.

The phone rang about a week ago and it was Cindy.. She said the doctors reported that she had the West Niles Virus. She had been riding through the hills with her husband on their motorcycle when she must have been bitten by a mosquito. She does not know where she was bitten. She had gone to the doctors and was upset as there were poking her with needles and she did not want to go through that anymore, and there is nothing they can do for it.
She wondered if I had any oils from Young Living that would help. She said they were going to put her in the hospital but she did not want to go there and wanted to be treated "the natural way". I felt this was a "brave" decision on her part regarding the seriousness of this virus.

Well, I went to the book and the first thing that came to my mind was Oregano and Thieves and maybe an immune fighting supplement. I was trying to get something powerful enough to help according to their finances. Again not diagnosing or prescribing to Cindy. (the book says Oregano may be known to help with viruses). I had these two oils on hand and I ordered the Immupro right then - a new supplement. Cindy had a box of the new Energy Crystals that she had purchased from me so there was our start. I also ran off copies of everything I could so she could be reading this at home...

She was already very ill. I drove the oils to Sturgis, the next morning as Cindy was going to pick them up at the health food store, but she was to ill to get out of bed that day. I called the store and said to please get the oils to Cindy. The next day she started her regime.

I will try and describe to you as she told me on the phone. She said. "Do not take this virus lightly!


They started out with what was like a cold-runny nose, sniffling, etc. Then it went into a headache then she was DOWN!! She was in bed. She could not walk or talk or even move. She could not be touched without hurting, and she did not want to talk to anyone. It was terrible!

The doctors diagnosed her illness through a spinal tap. The results are faster this way (4 days) than by taking a blood count which takes 10 days.
The disease as she describes it is like a cancer that is super accelerated. They can see the virus in the spinal fluid. They took blood and urine tests. Her blood count was way off the charts.

She said the people that are saying not to worry about this virus have not had this virus!

She says it is like you have been beaten up.

She couldn't swallow. She had shakes, because she could not eat. After she could eat better her husband fed her baby food. She said he was BEYOND WORRIED about her and was angry because the doctors could not do anything.

She said you have to take some sort of vitamins to keep your strength up.

The disease effects your spinal cord similar to spinal meningitis. She felt paralyzed. You lay around and sleep all the time. Even after you are able to get up you still lay around and sleep some more. She said the minute you can exercise the better off you will be. There is stiffness in your neck and you have horrible headaches, 1000 times worse than a migraine. The virus attacks the whole skeletal system. After you start feeling better she said start to walk.. Start building your immune system and get nutrients in you.
Cindy works in the health food store part time, so has good health knowledge. She had input from Jodie, the store owner too.

Cindy put Oregano down the spine (v-6) and took Oregano in gel caps (internally). About 4 caps a day with 3 to 4 drops in a capsule but we found out that was too strong so she cut that down to about 1 capsule a day. She put Thieves Oil on her feet. She mixed the Energy Crystals according to directions and drank about 2 oz of the water every two hours. This helped with re-hydrating her body-very important.

She had pain in her shoulders and back. The illness completely paralyzes you. You get "all balled up" as you are in such pain. Her white blood count was very high like having leukemia.. She felt the medical team here was far behind on this illness. She mentioned again that having the spinal tap speeded up knowing what she had. You are tired all the time.

Cindy's fears:
If the mosquitoes carry this virus what else can? Something in contact with the blood, like the aids virus?
She worries about the small children and the elderly who this is hitting the worst.
She hopes for a good freeze (weather)
A vaccination doesn't prevent the illness.
An elderly man in S. Dakota is dying. Elderly people's immune systems cannot fight the virus. If the virus can kill a horse, it can kill a man.
In Michigan over 100 people have the virus.
They can't "spray" here as our area is not populated enough.
She would use Melaleuca and Purification oil on a bite

Other symptoms:
Stomach pain. Your stomach is very sensitive and you vomit a lot.
You have pain, pain. They wanted to give her Darvacet & Perkaset but she did not want to take them as they are addictive. She is allergic to Codeine. She can't take that.
There is brain swelling that is so dangerous - and the pain is 1000 times worse than migraines.
They offered her the vaccination but the side effects are horrible: spinal damage, brain damage, etc. They told her that if you get sick from the vaccination, you won't die, but again, the side affects are horrendous.
The doctors are saying that Cindy is at least 2 weeks ahead of anyone they have treated before with the West Niles Virus! Usually it takes a good month to recover.

Here is what Cindy said she is taking:
Oregano internally in gel caps and drops down the spin
Thieves Oil on the feet
STC Energy Crystals - 2 oz of the water every half hour.
Vitamin C - liquid
Silver - Eniva Company
Life Force multi-vitamin
She is scheduled for a Raindrop Therapy

I called Cindy tonight and she is doing "Much Better!" She is going to school tomorrow. She is taking classes at the local college here too!

Well, I have goose bumps as I type tonight. I am so thankful Cindy is "recovering." We have only visited a little on the phone as Cindy has been so sick. I've written as close as I can to her story. We surely will keep you updated. She and her husband did good!!! She was so brave and attended to herself daily..

Thank you.

Cindy and Mickee
South Dakota

Hanta Virus and Complications

Here is the testimonial that I promised you. Here goes, I'll give you a bit of background. I have not been blessed with a healthy body since birth. I have now 3/4 of one kidney. Twelve surgeries later, I have a body that is still functioning, thank God. And as weird things happen, in 97, I contracted Hanta Virus, and miraculously survived. I was in ICU for 12 days, and during that time they gave me a paralysis drug to keep me from pulling at the tubes etc. I made it, but not without complications, like a pace maker, weakened heart, lungs, nerve and muscle damage, which the Drs have diagnosed as fibromyalgia. The pain was excruciating at times, and my life was becoming a real Pain. I considered myself to be fairly active at one time, [swimming, skiing, golfing, bowling, curling etc.] I had no energy to speak of as the pain was consuming me inch by inch. My dear friend Suzanne told me about the Energy water and sent me a box to try out. I started out very slowly 2oz. a day for 2 weeks, as I was nervous about the kidney being overtaxed. I am now up to 8 oz. a day. It is now eight weeks later and I have noticed a tremendous difference all the way round. I have cut my pain down by at least ¾. I can move. The stiffness and soreness are almost gone. I have more energy than I have had in years. I am not puffing like a steam engine after going up a flight of stairs and as a bonus, I have lost 10 lbs. without even trying. I had a computer analysis done, Dr. Nelson's invention, I think mentioned by someone else. My readings were remarkably changed. My oxygen level went from 78 to 97. I can't begin to say how enthused I am about the results and would not hesitate to tell others about how fantastic this product is and how well it has worked for me. It literally has given me back my life.

Thank you so much.


My name is Lee Ann and I have a testimonial to give on Energy Water

I have Lupus, which leaves the lymph nodes on the side of my neck and face swollen, horrible red inflamed marks on my face and due to the sensitive nature of the Lupus I can't wear makeup to cover it up, I am allergic to most makeup's, and that makes it hard for me to feel comfortable in public, let alone to even look in a mirror. My doctor prescribed Plaquenil (it has quinine in it), which was a nightmare for me. For almost three weeks I was so sick, with upset stomach, diarrhea, loss of appetite and headaches I was beginning to wonder if the medication was worse that the disease. Some good friends of mine, Ken and Maureen Lansford, asked me to come over to their house and try something that they found and had been using themselves. When I got there, they handed me a glass of 'water' and started to tell me about Energy Water. I drank two 12 oz glasses of water and they sent home some packets for me to try. I should say that I had some reservations about the water, but knew my friends wouldn't give me something that would hurt me. I went home and told my husband about the water and told him I would get some spring water tomorrow and start drinking the water. About 1 ½ hours later I went into the bathroom and couldn't believe my eyes, the swelling in the lymph node was down to about half the size that it was earlier and the redness was fading. I was so excited it was hard to contain myself. I can't begin to tell you the progress that was made over the next week. The day that I drank the water at my friends house was Wednesday the 8th of August and on Friday the 10th I went back to their house and we took a picture (enclosed) and a week later on Saturday the 16th I went back by and we took another picture. As you can see for yourself the results are just amazing!!!!!

As of today I am still drinking Energy Water and am still totally thrilled with it. My whole family is drinking it. We all feel much better, more energy, sleep better and feel more rested when we get up in the mornings. My husband has even lost some weight. I could go on and on but words just can't describe how I feel about Energy Water. I am now a Distributor and have got some of my friends started on the water. I'm sure that Energy Water has worked a small miracle in me and feel that it will for others too.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product and also the toothpaste, shampoo, rinse, dew bar and all the others. Energy Water has made a tremendous change in my life.

Again thank you so much,

Lee Ann

Itchy Scalp

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 2:05 PM

Hi Pat,

As you know I am in the process of drinking the water using your suggestion that you wrote me. But I did want to say that I already have concluded the shampoo & rinse are worth their weight in gold! I had an "itchy scalp" that would awaken me in the middle of a night's sleep so that I would have to take a shower right then to get relief. Just one use of the STC shampoo & rinse & though I deliberately waited several days before I washed my hair again, there was no further indication even of any "itchy scalp" symptoms. It leaves my hair as soft as a baby's. I love it! I feel like throwing my other shampoos & conditioners away.



Dear Friends,

Each day, as I hear more testimonials and I see the progress my husband, who has Alzheimer's Disease, is making, I am ever so thankful for the Energy Water. Before Al started on the "water," he would pace up and down, up and down, shuffle, shuffle, all bent over, throughout the house. He doesn't do that any more. We had no conversations that made sense, now we do! He still has confusion, but is improving daily.

I would have to coax him to take a shower. Now he takes his showers on his own, and even remembers it himself, many times.

He used to stare at the TV and magazines, not able to read them. Now he reads the magazines, and even reads to me. Al wears 2 hearing aids, so he does not enjoy TV very much, but he does enjoy the games and news. Before drinking Energy Water, he did not enjoy anything.

He would peel the tabs off his hearing aid batteries when we'd get them, and they would lose their charge (we went through a lot of hearing aid batteries). He doesn't do that any more.

Before Energy Water he would often forget he ate, and just a few minutes after he'd eaten, he'd say, "When are we going to eat?". Now he knows when he eats and knows what he wants to eat, most of the time.

Some exciting things have happened recently, one day when I was pulling into Walgreens, I pulled into a space in the sun (it's hot here in AZ). Al said, "There's a spot in the shade," and pointed out one equally as close to the store's door.

He's unloaded the dishwasher (which he was unable to do before), taken the clothes out of the dryer and helped me fold them. He can match his socks and put them together. He washes his dishes when he's finished eating.

We played the game show, GREED, and because their questions and multiple choice is written on the screen, Al doesn't have to hear it, and he did better that some of the contestants in answering the questions. It was one of his good days, he has some better than others, but that's to be expected. We had so much fun!

For those of you that have never been around anyone with Alzheimer's, you may not be able to understand my excitement, but those who have watched someone they love become mentally incapacitated, will be able to relate to my joy.

Al could do anything, he had a sharp mind, very mechanically inclined, and got where he could do nothing. It was devastating. Now I am slowly getting my husband back. I am so excited!

As for myself, I have a balance I have never had. I can stand on one foot and put my slacks on, which I could never do before, I always had to lean on something, or sit down. I also have more stamina.

My mother and sister both had curly hair, but mine was always straight...but guess what? My hair is getting curly! Dr. Cha said the water would help the body correct DNA misinformation, so maybe that's what's happening. It's very exciting to see what all the Energy Water is helping our bodies to correct.

Marty P.


I guess I won’t wait to submit my testimonial regarding my experience with the Energy Water. I have suffered from Type II Diabetes since 1992. I got my product exactly 8 days ago and prepared 2 gallons immediately, along with one concentrated version for spritzing (spray bottle).

I must admit to being impatient, so I began that night to drink it. I drank 2 glasses before going to bed. The next morning I checked my fasting blood sugar and found that it was only 113---WOW. My blood sugars usually run 130-160 on fasting. So I decided to put this to the test and planned to eat a few extra items that I usually pay for by having high blood sugars.

After lunch that day, I had an ice cream Sundae. Now usually after any meal, I am thirsting and that lets me know that my sugar is above 200… thirst at all…mmmmm. I thought, the proof would come 2 hours after, when I would generally check my sugar again. Two hours later…….an astounding 137 WOW!!! This was only day 1.

Final test would be the dinner meal. I planned a pasta dinner, which usually sends my sugars sky high. I enjoyed a great pasta dinner, did another 2hr. sugar reading and it was 165. Now yes…this is above normal, but compared to what I would have been – over 280 – this was just astounding. The final sugar is taken before bedtime and it gives me an idea of what my fasting blood sugar will be…ready?????? Bedtime reading was 127…. NOW THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

I have since stopped testing it—completely convinced of the products efficacy.

I am sorry to be long winded but this can’t be helped…there isn’t enough one can say about these products.

God bless,
Ebelen M, Registered Nurse

Cough from Toxic Exposure

My husband had developed a very bad cough, we believe it came from being exposed to a toxic cleaning agent. He just kept getting worse. For about 2 weeks, he coughed constantly. Finally our Energy Water arrived. After drinking the ‘water’ one day, we saw an improvement. After the second day, he quit coughing at night (he had coughed nearly all night long). He rarely coughs at all now and he feels great.

Thank you,
Doris S

Strength, Stamina & Endurance

I have been drinking at least a half gallon of Energy Water a day and now feel that my body is craving the stuff. I get by on less sleep, do not feel tired until I am ready to go to bed and definitely notice more strength, stamina and endurance.

Thank you one and all,
Randy M.

Blurry Vision
Hives over whole body for years

My husband eyes have been blurry and he could only see a very short distance. After only three 4oz. Glasses of Energy Water, he could see houses way up on a ridge he hasn’t seen for a very, very long time. But best of all, my brother who is 67 hears old, has had giant hives covering his whole body, from head to toe for most of his life and for most of the time. After only 3 glasses of Energy Water, he is all cleared up. Boy, am I excited!

Joan B.

“ I was blessed with good health other than the normal aging process, but my main concern was to test the Energy Water, and if some of the testimonials I have been hearing were correct, I have many loved ones and friends who could greatly benefit from the Energy Crystals.


In my case, I was just looking for increased energy and heck, maybe lose the gray in my hair. I told you earlier of the increased energy and losing the wrinkles and bags around my eyes….Seven days and still have the gray…..BUT, here is the scary part. I first noticed last Thursday when I went to the ATM machine I could actually read the receipt without my glasses. Strange, I haven’t done that for a long time.

Well, I am here to tell you that my eyesight is improving. I can now read many things without my glasses that I could not before….far from 20/20, but it is improving, and I have done nothing different other than drink the Energy Water for the past 7 days.

I am sold on this product and though some of the testimonies may seem far fetched, I have seen enough to know that they could be true.”


Back Pain
Feet Swelling and Painful

I’ve been very anxious to receive my first order of Energy Water …….. well, last Friday, I received my package with the Energy Water crystals, the toothpaste, the soap, etc. I quickly sent an email to myself documenting my current physical status, including my weight and measurements…..and my physical problems I wanted to see resolved.

Over 10 years ago I had a back injury and after many tries at physical therapy and many visits to the doctors, I was told there was nothing they could do. For quite some time, I could only brush my teeth by leaning on the bathroom counter with one arm supporting me so I could bend over far enough. I couldn’t go to a movie because if I sat for 2-3 hours, I couldn’t get up without a tremendous amount of pain.

I’m VERY HAPPY to report that after ONLY one day of drinking the water……my pain is no longer controlling my life and my movements. The swelling has gone out of my feet and they no longer hurt. My back no longer hurts and I get out of bed like I did prior to my injury.

Stormy G
Dallas, TX Mon. 9.23.02

Shoulder Pain

My own personal experience with STC's products has been wonderful! Seven years ago I injured my left shoulder. After months of physical therapy and many dollars in prescriptions, I was told that things were as good as they were going to get. For the next 6 years I suffered what the doctor termed "manageable pain" every day. When I learned about STC's Energy Water I was quite intrigued.

I'd spent some time in the Orient and I'm aware of how far ahead of us they are in the area of Holistic Health. Honestly, I didn't expect to "see" a big change, as I've been blessed with overall good health. I was most interested in re-hydrating my cells. I know how important water is to good health.

Well, I couldn't be more pleased with the results! The first thing I noticed was a much more solid sleep. I (and my husband) wake up refreshed and raring to go every day. Also, after a couple of months of drinking the water and using the skin care products my daughter asked me what I was doing to my face. She says I look 5 years younger! But the best part is that my shoulder is COMPLETELY pain free and has great mobility! It's a joy to be able to do the things that we all take for granted without pain. Up until a month ago getting dressed in the morning would bring tears to my the only tears I have are tears of joy and thanksgiving. I thank God that I "took a chance" on STC's Energy Crystals!”

Kathleen K.
N. Attleboro, MA

Ingrown Toenails
Toenail Fungus
Joint Pain
Grey Hair
Hiatl Hernia
Thyroid problem
Chronic Neck Pain
Spider Veins
Skin bumps
Dowagers Hump

When I first received my products on June 4, 2002, I was very anxious to see what I would experience with them. I mixed 2 packets of Energy Crystals in 1 Gallon of Water and started out drinking 5 big glasses of Energy Water right away. My initial experience that followed was not as pleasant as I had hoped it would be. In fact, I was miserable. I experienced some of the effects of a major detoxification process, which included headaches and generalized body aching, decreased energy level, some nausea and increased coughing. Because of my awareness of the importance in detoxifying my system, I knew what I was experiencing was a positive sign. And even though it wasn't a lot of fun to go through at that time, I knew it was a necessary process to improve my health status.

I continued to drink my 5 glasses of Energy Water on a daily basis and after two to three weeks, the toxins had moved out of my body. It was then that I began to truly be able to appreciate all of the positive things the Energy Water has done for me such as Increased Energy and better sleep. Within 6 weeks, painful ingrown toenails and fungus of 10 years was gone. This had been caused from a liver that was not happy. Joint pain of 15 years disappeared. Grey Hair returned to dark brown. Poor digestion of 15 years....gone. Hiatial Hernia of 8 years healed. Thyroid problem corrected after 20 years, noting eyebrows growing back and weight loss, a total of 14 pounds and 22 inches. Tender spot on gum gone, after holding a stronger solution of Energy Water in my mouth and using the toothpaste....ultimately saving me from having to have a root canal done. Nails stronger. Chronic neck pain gone and what a relief that was! Little bumps on back and arms gone, now skin is as smooth as a 20 year olds. Stretch marks fading, spider veins disappearing. No more bloating. Dowagers Hump seems to have gone bye-bye. Kidneys functioning better. Under eye puffiness gone and some wrinkles. My accupuncturist of 18 years, is signing up because of the major results she sees in me....Organs have stronger energy, improvement in my muscles and skin. Please everyone, keep track of the changes in your bodies, it is easy to forget how we really felt before taking the Energy Crystal Water. Most know more about what's on TV than what is really going on in the most precious possession they own...their bodies.

While most people will not experience the significant detoxification symptoms that I did, if you do, understand that this is a positive sign. Perhaps if I had started out drinking two 4 ounce glasses of water a day for the first few days then gradually built up my intake amount, the detoxification process I experienced might not have been as dramatic. I have since learned that many people will mix just one packet of Energy Crystals in a gallon of water for the first 2 gallons of water they consume allowing the body to more gradually ease into a product that will help get those unwanted toxins out of your body. As you can see, these wonderful products have had a dramatic change in my health status and I highly recommend them.

Linda W.


I was at a Women's Retreat overnight and came home prematurely... First of all, the reason that I came home sooner from my Retreat, was, that I was occupying the upper "Bunk" in our lodge. (I am only 66 and going on to 25) Once during the night I go to the bathroom. (Proper hydration will do that!) The ladder to climb on up and down was in such an awkward position, only a very narrow space as another bunk was closing in on it - and was draped with jackets and towels.

I decided to take a "little jump" instead of finding the disguised steps of the ladder in the dark. I braced myself with both hands and upper arms on the edge of the bunk.... Well, in the dark I underestimated the distance. (They told us to bring flash lights) - I not only hit the floor very hard, but also felt instant pain at the inside joints of my upper arms and on my left hand between the thumb and my wrist.

I soaked a wash cloth with the STC Water and with a dry towel on top, I alternated this compress between those parts which experienced the impact. I had climbed back to my bunk without waking my room mates - did not sleep very much from then on, though, as I kept altering and re-wetting those soaks.

The pain in my upper arms was gone before I climbed down from my bunk this morning - but I still had the pain in my hand at the lower joint of my thumb with swelling and some blue discoloration.

I decided to forfeit breakfast and drive home instead. I wanted to get to my Extra Strength STC water which was sitting at home in the refrigerator. In brief, I told my room mates the reason why... told them about the healing powers of the "water". One of them had brought an extra box of tissue as she was experiencing frequent nose bleeds from taking baby aspirins to prevent strokes.... I was cautious, and did not push the water... as she was under Doctor's care!

(To voice a personal opinion, dietary changes and drinking the STC water, would be my choice to prevent strokes!!!)

I was able to load my car and actually enjoyed the one hour drive home. I kept an STC water soaked folded tissue on the back of my left hand, which was resting on the drivers' wheel.

I was able to totally unload and unpack my "stuff" by myself (my husband was in church) - and by the time he came home and looked at my wrist the swelling and discoloration was gone - so I can't claim him as my witness.

I had sprains in the past and even with "Wonder Gel" and other nutritionals designed to bring quick healing about, I never experienced such rapid results.

I did not take any "pain pills" - but I am sitting at my computer PAIN FREE at 11 AM the very same day, typing my little "story" with all 10 fingers, - thanking God that my 6 ft. jump in the dark did not cause worse injuries!

Oct 6, 2002

Injury Pain

Hello every STC product user...

I need to share this with you!!!

The first time I used the Body Milky on my hands, I noted that it had a terrificly soothing effect on my hands!

Two days later after using Body Milky once or twice a day, I suddenly was "missing" the residual bone pain in my left hand. Some of you may have read my report of jumping from an upper bunk during the night at a women's retreat, and slamming my left hand full blast in to the wooden edge of the lower bunk. The discoloration and swelling had responded extremely well within only a few hours to STC water soaks, but there was residual "bone pain" with certain movements of that hand. (The injury took place October 6, '02).

This past Monday, 2 weeks after the injury, something phenomenal happened!!! I kept stretching and twisting my left hand without feeling any pain. - I could carry my cup of STC Crystal sprinkled coffee, open doors and do all the things which had kept reminding me of a potentially hair line fracture or a severely bruised bone at the lower joint of my thumb. (I had given myself at least 4 weeks for this pain to totally subside). And within a couple of more days - here I was - suddenly over night, PAIN FREE!!!

Hmm... I wondered, all I had done was rubbed my hands with Body Milky a few times...

OK, this deserved further testing! I rubbed Body Milky on my knees - and within seconds this slight (very slight!) stiffness was gone!

Waw, could it be I was approaching "Sweet 16" at a much faster pace than originally planned? Please HELP!

I need to find out that this is more than a PLACEBO effect! Right now I can't find any more parts on my body which could qualify for a test. There must be some one among STC water drinkers who has an aching joint, or pain somewhere and who's willing to try that "Milky Wonder" and share the results (if any).

It's only $11 - and it feels wonderful wherever you rub it on as a great skin soothing lotion by itself. On the outside of the bottle there's an enticing feature listed in Print... Listen to that!!!


Did I read that right??? - Does anyone know a woman who'd like to have that as a Christmas Gift?

Before we start thinking of saving "Kidneys" by lowering the consumption of pain soothing drugs... this Body Milky needs to be tested by everyone who is serious about STC products and wants to be part of an experiment with potentially outrageous benefits.

This is only a TEST!
No CLAIMS are being made... at least not yet!


Cataracts, Weight, Hot Flashes

My husband, Manny, and I have been on the water for 2 months now and are experiencing wonderful results! Manny was scheduled to have cataract surgery because his vision was so cloudy that he couldn't see well at all. I had to read most things for him and he was having a hard time driving, especially at night. Well, to make a long story short, he has cancelled his surgery and is driving again at night! He wants to wait until after the first of the year to go back to the doctor to be checked. This doctor said that nothing short of surgery would help the cataracts. Our chiropractor looked at Manny a couple of weeks ago and yelled "What have you been doing? Your eyes are so clear! " He is amazed at both of us since the water, and has started taking it himself although he is very slow to recommend it. By the way, Manny is 85 years old. He has been using the water in his eyes morning and evening with a glass eye cup. I have been doing the same and no longer have red eyes.

As far as I'm concerned, I have lost weight and have been firming up steadily. My energy level (Manny's too) has skyrocketed, and my skin looks really good. Manny says I look when he first met me at 27. I'm 52 by the way. It took me a few weeks to notice that my hot flashes had stopped. All of a sudden they weren't there, and shortly thereafter my period started again after about 9 months. I'm about to get my second period again!

We are both thrilled, and are telling everyone we know about this wonderful water!

My question is: Will anything help scars? I have been using the crystals mixed with aloe vera gel, and I think there is some improvement. My arms are scarred from a gardening accident and the scars on my forearms are pretty deep. I also injured my right shoulder in a bad fall down the stairs a few years ago which still bothers me and interferes with my work. I am a concert violinist and have stopped playing temporarily (I hope).

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours in health,


Red Moles, Cold Sore

After drinking the Energy Water for 5 months now I have several personal testimonies I would like to share. First I have had some little spots on my
body that look like freckles, except they are red. Some of these that are raised a bit and are more like small moles are scabbing over and coming off.
This is very exciting to me. I believe I'm getting a little healthiereveryday as I continue to drink the water and see these seemingly small, yet
powerful changes in my body. I think in a years time we will all be amazed at the significant improvements in health we are experiencing.

The second thing happened just this last week. Thursday morning I was driving to the local farmer's market when I felt a pain on my upper lip.
Looking in the rear view mirror I saw a cold sore beginning to bulge out from my lip. Starting Friday evening I was to co-facilitate a 2 1/2 day
seminar and didn't really want the attendees focusing on my lip, but rather what I was teaching, so I decided to try an Energy Water treatment.
When I arrived home from the market I sprayed the cold sore with EW then took some Energy Crystals on my finger and massaged them onto the bulging
sore. A short while later the pain was gone. That night before bed I repeated the treatment. The next morning, Friday, I again applied the water
and rubbed in the crystals. At that time I noticed that not only had the sore not gotten bigger and opened up, but it was actually getting smaller
and less noticeable. By seminar time that evening I could hardly notice it in the mirror. The cold sore never opened up. On Monday a few small flakes
of dead skin came off, and that was it.

Now those of you that have ever had a painful and annoying cold sore know how huge this is, it can be many days or several weeks to go through all the
stages and completely heal one of these! As you can imagine I was once again delighted by the performance of these amazing Energy Crystals.
Please share the Wonders of the Energy Water with others, there are so many people waiting for what we have to offer. Aside from improving their health
immeasurably, you'll never know when you might touch someone's life in a Profound and Magical way.

Health & Prosperity,
Novato, CA

Sprained Foot

The grass is mighty GREEN where we are!!!

After my clumsy fall last Friday (stumbled over a water hose which was caught in a sprinkler), I sprained my right foot (wasn't too sure it wasn't broken)... I did the FINAL water test! - It worked!!!

As soon as I got in to the house I put water compresses on my foot. This kept the swelling down. - Next, Body Milky, then 3A and straight crystals from the pack with a support wrap. My husband got me crutches.

Well, business had to go on! I had a "water" meeting that evening at Marie Callendar's at 6 PM in Orange County. There were 11 of us and the waitress got nervous when the clock hit 11 pm. - We had such a good time sharing testimonies... except my foot under the table started to swell on, and suddenly I was in excruciating pain and nearly needed to be carried to my car - thank God my husband had come with me and was driving.

Today, three days later, I returned the crutches and prospected the owner of the Medical Supply Store for the "Miracle" water. He said "Praise God!" and that he would read my material if I would read his - so I got double blessings as he loaded me up with scripture... and gave me his card for each other's referrals.

Seriously - 3 days after my serious injury I was jogging, dancing and walking without a stitch of pain today! (11/5)

Triple strength energy water soaks and Body Milky was the treatment. Actually I heard on Saturday's testimonial call about mixing Glucosamine powder with the Magic Water - so it did have a "perk" - at least in some of the water I was drinking.

God, or the Water? - Please let your group know, we continue to have MIRACLES at STC LEADERS!!!!!



Bodyscan Results

Jeff from New Jersey was on the corporate call. He gave an absolutely amazing testimonial. He said he has two friends who are health practitioners who have a particular machine called Bodyscan from Germany. This machine costs about $27,000 and it tests various products on 6000 ailments and provides homeopathic prescriptions. His friends have been using the machine for 6-7 years and have been testing the water for the last 2 months. They said that they have never before seen a product that neutralizes all 6000 conditions. The Energy Water neutralizes all 6000 conditions. They said our Energy Water was the greatest product on the planet in their experience.


Juvenile Onset Diabetes
Diabetic Neuropathy

I’m 43 years old and have lived most of my life in northern Minnesota. I’m married and have 2 beautiful children and have recently experienced the indescribable joy of becoming a grandmother. By profession, I am an independent contract mediator. I prefer the title of “peacemaker” and enjoy the challenge/rewards of assisting people in resolving their conflicts in a cooperative, dignified manner.

At age 14, I was diagnosed with Juvenile onset (Type 1) diabetes. I have been insulin-dependent since 1973, taking 3 shots per day for the last 12
years. Due to very brittle diabetes, I have experienced many of the most-severe complications associated with the disease. In 1984, I began
experiencing diabetic neuropathy, a condition in which the sugar in my blood destroyed the “insulation” covering my nerve endings. The result has been constant pain, which dramatically worsens at night, making sleep impossible. Neuropathy also affects the nerve function, so they no longer transmit information to the brain. Due to this, I have NO feeling below my knees or in my hands. This has led to atrophy/deterioration in muscle function and change in bone alignment in my hands and legs.

In 1992, both my eyes and my kidneys failed. Today, I am considered legally blind. After months of dialysis, I received a kidney transplant from my sister. This matchless gift has been working beautifully these past nine years. In addition to the peripheral neuropathy affecting my arms and legs, my central and autonomic nervous systems have also been affected. In December of 1984, my stomach became totally paralyzed, due to neuropathy. After a few months, I regained some motility (movement) in my stomach, and currently am diagnosed with gastroparasis, which has severely affected my bowels and elimination process. Every diabetic has no doubt experienced the slow sometimes non-healing of wounds, burns, etc. These wounds often lead to infection, gangrene and amputation. At very best, if, after months of constant care the wound does heal, it frequently leaves a huge scar in its place.

On June 17, 2002, I drank my first glass of STC Energy Water. In my eagerness to experience the water’s potential benefits, and, due to my
ignorance of its powerful detoxifying effects, I started out drinking much more of the water than was appropriate for my health condition. The result was a severe detoxification reaction including nausea, diarrhea, headache and body aches. I immediately cut back on my consumption of the water, and after three days, these symptoms diminished and were replaced by a feeling of well-being that I have not known since I was a teenager in high school. Today, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I feel good!!! If this increase in energy and sense of well-being were the only benefits I received, I would continue drinking the energy water for these alone. But I have also experienced some amazing changes in my chronic health challenges.

In Jan 2002, after 3 years of resisting my neurologist’s recommendation to use morphine as treatment for nighttime neuropathy pain, I gave in. The pain had increased to a level that disallowed any sleep whatsoever and it was becoming nearly impossible for me to work all week. Now- since starting the STC Energy Water, I have enjoyed a marked decrease in neuropathy pain and am now enjoying 7-8 hours of sleep each night on a decreasing morphine regimen. My bowel function has returned essentially to normal for the first time in 18 years. I never realized until now how that condition, alone, had affected my normal daily activities.

My blood sugar levels, which could run from 15-650 in a 24-hour period, have now stabilized remarkably, and have run consistently low, causing me to lower my base-line insulin dose and reduce my insulin injections at meal-times. For the past 4-5 years, following over 6000 laser burns in each eye, I’ve been on a regular 3-month check up routine with my ophthalmologist. My last appointment in July 2002 took place 3 ½ weeks after starting the energy water. My eye doctor was amazed at how healthy and clear my eyes looked during the dilated exam. Never before has he remarked in this way and what he saw looking into my eyes prompted him to extend the time for my next visit to 6 months rather than the usual 3 months. To date, I’m not sure if I have noticed a definite improvement in my eyesight, but I’m looking forward to my next check-up and what that may reveal.

Over the last 2 years I have had decreasing function in both hands, making it more and more difficult to work and accomplish the daily tasks of
taking care of my family and myself. After receiving recommendations from my neurologist and orthopedic surgeon to attempt surgery as a way to slow the deterioration, I decided to seek a second opinion with a world-renowned neurologist specializing in neuropathic conditions at Mayo Clinic Rochester. During my appointment July 24, 2002, Dr. Phillip Low did a thorough examination and assessment of my neuropathic condition documenting his findings. After explaining to him about the STC Energy Water and the improvements I had already begun experiencing in my hands, wrists and arms (i.e.: less pain, improved dexterity and strength, able to play my guitar, etc) Dr. Low agreed to postpone surgery and schedule a return visit in 3 months to reassess my condition and progress.

As a post-kidney transplant patient, I routinely have my lab levels checked. After five weeks on the energy water, I requested a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and a Blood Chemistry Profile. The results were wonderful, including normal readings on four or five tests that have been consistently abnormal for the last five years.

Sometimes I wonder if this can all be true or could it be some strange trick of my imagination? I seem to be experiencing such unbelievable changes in long-term health conditions and a definite increase energy level and overall sense of well-being. My integrity is not for sale at any price and honesty and truth to my fellow human beings and before my Creator are at the foundation of who I am and want to be. I am ever mindful of the awesome responsibility I have to be truthful and not exaggerate or falsify any claims of benefits realized from the water.

It’s obvious to me that the energy water has no power to heal in and of itself, but it does seem to assist the body by accelerating the natural detoxification process, which then enables this amazing, intricate Creation to heal itself. And if I need a visual reminder of the benefits of the energy water, I need only to look at my left hand, which I severely burned (3rd degree) on May 30, 2002 using a pressure cooker. I neither felt nor realized the burn was there until the next day at work. As usual the wound became very ugly and required 2 visits to the doctor. One week after I started drinking the energy water, I thought perhaps there would be some benefit in immersing the wound in the water. I did so and after one minute in the water, there was visible improvement in the wound, as verified by 3 witnesses. I did this ten more times once a day until the end of June. One month after I sustained the burn, it was gone, leaving no scar only healthy skin. In the past, this type of wound has taken 10-11 months to heal and left an ugly scar as a lasting reminder.

So, when it seems too unbelievable, that just drinking water could result in the wonderful improvements I’ve experienced, I need only look at my hand and see what’s not there, as an undeniable testimony to the amazing benefits of the STC Energy Water.

Sany - Minnesota


Pain Relief
Range of Motion Improvement

Just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for the energy water. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. That in addition to an arthritic spine and sacroiliac joint dysfunction (ligaments joining the sacrum and "hip bone" are stretched causing instability and pain) which makes walking very painful. A few months ago I became aware that the muscles in my neck, shoulders and arms were tense and tight, even when I thought I was relaxed. Had to make a conscious effort to make the muscles relax. Well, I've got to admit, I thought the "instant" reactions to the water were exaggerated. Boy, was I ever wrong. I started drinking the water about 10 days ago. The afternoon of the first day I was totally exhausted. Wondered why I was so tired and suddenly realized that the tension was totally gone from my neck, shoulders and arms. And it hasn't returned! Also had extremely limited range of motion in my neck. Yesterday I realized I now have FULL range of motion. I can turn my head in either direction until my chin is over my shoulder, and pain free. I can also enjoy walking without groin and back pain afterwards. Can hardly wait to contact my chiropractor to have him confirm. Also have a lady in my group who has been going to the chiropractor once or twice a week. I was told she didn't need her neck adjusted for the past two weeks. Do you have any chiropractors who can confirm adjustments holding really exciting!

Shirley, Wills Point, TX


Pain Relief

I stared on the energy water and the next day the pain in my hip and leg was better. By the third day the pain was gone. I have had this pain for about two years. Sometimes I would have to hold on to the counter to be able to walk. I ran out of the water and the pain came back. So my friend Deena Dendinger is supplying me with packets so my hip wouldn't hurt. I'm still waiting for my energy water. I never want to be without it. It is just wonderful not to have any pain in my hip and leg. Thank you STC!




This morning, I received another amazing testimony from a family friend who has congestive heart problems. She drank her first glass of Energy Water last night and reported that for the first time in a long time she had absolutely NO CHEST PAINS. She said she got a whole good night's sleep for the first time she can remember. She also reports that her sinuses cleared-up. "I am a believer," Glenda Parker of Memphis said enthusiastically.




I think you're absolutely right about the Energy Water being the "Water of Life"! I feel as if I've just stepped onto a wave of health and prosperity that I can't even begin to dream about yet! And now for the update... Had to get to bed at about 10:30 last night (it's been at about 11:30 lately) because I felt so dragged out. I chalked it up to my body wanting to put to use the new 'stuff' I've been givin' it so I listened to my body and hit the hay. Woke up on time this morning but feeling like a truck hit me...fatigue was just rolling out but I got up and started to prepare for work. Went into the kitchen and prepared my half gallon of Water, drank about 16 ounces along with my daily vitamins, and headed for the shower. By the time I was halfway through and was feeling thoroughly light-headed and REALLY GOOD which hasn't stopped yet! I'm not feelin drunk but a definite feeling of well-being persists! I used the soap that came with the kit for the first time yesterday (I love the way it smells) and used it again this morning. When I began to dry off I noticed that my feet were peeling! Just the top layer of skin was beginning to slough away and the skin underneath is softer and definitely more supple! Gosh...I can't wait for what's next!! I've decided to start a journal to keep track of the day-to-day changes so I won't keep doin' this everyday but I just had ta tell someone (and don't worry, my brain's already workin' overtime about how to tell my family, friends, co-workers, etc.) Well that's it and thanx for bein' there!



Cut Finger

I was using a very sharp slicer and stupidly I was not using the "hat " to protect me from cutting myself - ouch I cut my little finger-almost took the tip right off by1/2 an inch!!! my girlfriend watched this and thought I should go to get it stitched back on!! I, being a nurse, refused. I applied pressure and when the bleeding stopped I sprayed the Energy Water on to the cut and bandaged it up. I showed Richard the cut when he came home from work. He was sure the tip was going to fall off! I persisted for 3 days by applying the Energy Water. On the 3rd day the cut is 90% healed with circulation restored.



Someone shared a box of the Energy Crystals to tide us over until we get our order. My arthritic friend called today and stated she is so pleased. She has been back on the water now for 2 days. Her energy is great and the arthritic pain is almost gone. We all thought that we would detox again. Not so! Thanks Dianne and Art. This was obviously greatly appreciated by all of us in Calgary. You now see why when people experience the Energy Water and get relief, they obviously never want to go off!!!

Lynne and Richard


Acid Reflux

I had a problem with acid reflux daily. That problem is no more since the week I started on the water. I believe we've got something here. Call me as soon as you get back in town.


Athlete's Foot

Thank you, Reuel and Mariko. Just wanted to let you know that my chronic athlete's foot has cleared after two weeks of energy water. I had severe feet problem from frost bite during my teens from snow mountain climbing. This had created fungus, peeling and cracking at times during the summer to the point where the toe flesh would rot and fall off. Thanks again. Also I want to mention that the " yoyo" energy level which was a major obstacle of my daily performance has cleared, which makes me a lot more productive as a person.

Michi - Arizona

Disclaimer: These excerpts are from actual testimonials voluntarily sent to STC Leaders, and are for educational purposes only. The information included is not intended to be prescriptive or diagnostic, to treat, cure or prevent disease.

It is possible that some individuals may experience allergic reactions from the use of various dietary supplement preparations or the media in which they are contained; if such reactions occur, stop consuming the product immediately and contact your physician or health practitioner. All suggestions are followed at your own discretion. We do not prescribe or assume any responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves.

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