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STC Energy Water
new package August 2011

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The STC product lines are no longer multi-level nor available through a distributor network. Our product list is up to date as of September 2011. Energy Crystals are always available but prices and product availability of other products are subject to change so call if you have questions.
September 2011 Notice: New Price is $65.00 per 40 packets (makes 20 gallons)
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STC Energy Water made from Energizing Crystal packets

It is not very often that a product comes along that corrects the entire human biological system at the molecular level. This is a major claim that few products dare to make. Over the past eight years in Korea where medical specialist, Dr. Lee invented Energy Crystal Water, tests were conducted among hundreds of people with stunning results. Skin problems, cellular disturbances, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, PMS, overweight, arthritis, cancers, dental problems, anemia, heart problems, allergies, memory problems, constipation, prostrate enlargement, childhood and juvenile overweight, athletics foot, fungal problems and eczema are some of the imbalances that Energy Crystal Water has corrected.

What is better than utilizing water, nature's precious compound of which our body is primarily composed to heal and balance the body? STC's research has indicated that many chronically ill people tend to drink too little water, which further exerbates their condition. This is often a sign of what can be a degenerative but possibly undetected problem. This is most unfortunate because it is through water that the body rids itself of toxins. If the water isn't present to carry the waste away, it stays right there and fuels the disease process. Drinking water in itself is amazingly curative but with Energy Crystal Water, you actually correct the chemical exchange between the cells and within the DNA and RNA of each cell. Replication will not be diseased but healthy.

H2O, goes into the cell and is changed to H3O.OH in healthy cells. If this natural process does not occur, a cellular abnormality develops causing entropy (chaos, incoherence). Energy Crystal Water neutralizes entropy and re-establishes the correct electrical charge in and outside the cells so that normal cell function and metabolism can occur. When you introduce a coherent, organizing principle that regulates both chemical balance and electrical charge, proper balance is re-established and healthy cellular reproduction can again occur. Energy Crystal Water has been shown to help in over 70 types of disorders due to the systemic molecular and cellular electrical and chemical corrections that allow cells to function normally again.

It is widely known in Oriental medicine that in the healing process, release of cellular toxins must take place. Bad orders from the body are a sign of the internal cleansing, as are fatigue, headaches and possibly irritability. When you start taking the Energy Crystal Water, do not be surprised by some of these signs of cleansing! Drinking the Energy Crystal Water for 16 weeks is highly recommended for most people. Within this time period you will experience results: More energy, aliveness, clearing of debilitating conditions, not to mention, better skin, scalp, eyesight, digestion, sex drive and general well being. Regulating cellular metabolism and clearing toxins from the system restores a youthful vigor and may make you appear and feel younger.

Another important feature is that Energy Crystal Water is the most effective and inexpensive way we know to systematically correct your body's imbalances and restore you to the really healthy body you desire. Why not enjoy such happiness?

STC International has a series of nutrients and products, each of which uses the Energy Crystal Water as its base. The toothpaste is phenomenal. The skin care products can clear the skin of serious problems, reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. The hair products used in conjunction with the Water, have been documented to restore hair in cases of baldness and thinning hair. This phenomenal Water brings health remarkably easily and for very little cost.