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What is SOQI CircuGo?
CircuGo is a nutritional supplement made of super antioxidant fruit and herbal extracts that strengthen your microcirculation, speed up your metabolism, and feed your cells with antioxidants. 

What is Microcirculation?
Macrocirculation refers to blood flow to and from vital organs and the arteries, whereas microcirculation refers to blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in the body which are embedded in the organs, the skin, and interact directly with muscle tissue. 

The adult microcirculation system has been estimated to contain upwards of 60,000 miles of tiny hollow tubes (capillaries, arterioles, venules, and vasa vasorum) which needs to be protected and nourished, in order for the macrocirculatory system to remain healthy and undamaged.

A primary function of the microcirculation is the delivery and optimization of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and single cells, and the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2). It also regulates blood flow directly affecting blood pressure fluctuations and response to swelling and inflammation.

The extreme importance and critical role of the microcirculatory system in the human body is no longer being overlooked. Medical researchers today are now acknowledging that poor microcirculation is one of the single biggest contributing factors to almost all health challenges, commonly associated in the past to the macrocirculatory system. 

It is estimated that 80% of the population over the age of 40yrs may have moderate to extremely serious microcirculation challenges. Hypertension, aging, tumors, diabetes, kidney disease, athersclerosis, memory loss and many cardiovascuar and cerebrovascular diseases, are all related to poor microcirculation. It is said that almost all non-injury related pain may be traced back to a compromised microcirculation system.

  1. Metabolic Syndrome
  2. Fatigue
  3. Cold hands and feet - neuropathy
  4. Memory Loss - Alzheimer's
  5. Stiff neck and shoulders
  6. Slow healing wounds
  7. Swelling in feet
  8. Vascular Occlusion Symptoms (blockage of blood vessels), pain, numbness, weakness and paleness - athersclerosis
  9. Blood pressure fluctuation - Hypertension - Cardiovascular disease

If your microcirculation remains strong and healthy, then your macrocirculation will respond accordingly.

What are the Ingredients in CircuGo?
Fruit and herbal extracts - 
a combination of antioxidants and phytohemicals which work to eliminate free radicals.

x14 Fruits: Maqui Berry, Açaí Berry, grape seed extract, Noni fruit extract, West Indian cherry, cranberry extract, gojie, red dates, hawthorn, apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and black chokeberry.

x3 Vegetables: black garlic extract, black ginger extract, artichoke.

What are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are beneficial compounds that control free radical molecules which work to upset and damage the body. Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, and the phytochemicals of plants which work to boost antioxidant activity, including slowing down chronic inflammation along the inner blood vessel walls, and in stabilizing and deactivating free radicals.

Super Antioxidants:

Super antioxidants

Strengthen Microcirculation

Speeds up Metabolism
Acai, Maqui & Cranberry
Noni and Grape Seeds
Black Ginger, Black Garlic and Gogi

What does CircuGo taste like? Sweet and tangy.

How fast does it work?
The drink is made up very small molecules which are rapidly absorbed into the cells and blood. Tingling sensations will commonly be felt by users shortly after ingestion.

What are the feature benefits of CircuGo?

  1. Contains a variety of rich high-unit integrated phytochemicals.
  2. High plant polyphenols and superoxide dismutase activity.
  3. Each bottle contains more than 300,000 units of SOD-Like active ingredients.
  4. Small molecules for easy absorption, which will not be destroyed by gastric acid.
  5. Pure high-energy drink without artificial color.
  6. GMP Automatic Packaging - aseptic production line
  7. Low-temperature Vacuum Concentration technology to retain nutrients from the fruits and vegetables
  8. Selected herbicide and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.
  9. Fruit extracts with no bitter and astringent tastes
  10. Quasi-fusion interactions which release the plant hormone in fruits and vegetables.

How to use CircuGo:
It is recommended to take one bottle of SOQI CircuGo a day on an empty stomach, for x24 days straight. Stop for x6 days, then repeat for another month, then break again for another 6 days. Third month, x1 bottle every other day.

Note: This is recommended dosage, but it may be taken every other day, or x3 per week - obviously, the more consistent the usage, the greater and more profound the results.

Not recommended for children under 6 yrs old.
If you are pregnant, have heart problems, are on medication or have a medical condition, please consult with your health care provider before using.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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